The Meeple Report: So Long and Thanks for All the Meeples

The Final Meeple Report on The Inquisitive Meeple

So our time at The Inquisitive Meeple’s own website has come to an end. However, I (Ryan) am still around doing my thing as The Inquisitive Meeple. You can find me at The Indie Game Report doing the same thing I did here:

You can also find me on Button Shy Game Blog on Board Game Geek, where I am doing micro chat interviews (and blog posts for) them:

As we close this chapter of The Inquisitive Meeple – I want to thank so many of you, but I know I will forget someone. So thank you to all the designers, artists and publishers – everyone that has been supportive up to this point. I look forward to still working with you in my new roles. And of course, thank YOU – the readers!

Stay Inquisitive and Thank You for Reading,

Ryan/The Inquisitive Meeple

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